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Ceramic Fortune Cubes Game

  • Four colorful ceramic dice in elegant custom-made paper box
  • Handmade artifact

In Ancient Greece cubes were a popular game. Homer mentions that the Achaean hero Palamedes invented cubes to keep the besiegers of Troy occupied in their free time.

Cubes played an important role in the art of prediction. Cubes are marked with symbols inspired by Mycenaean culture, related to Family, Love, Power, Wealth, Luck, Wisdom, Conflict.

The Game comes with Instructions.

Fortune, destiny and trickery

Dice have been used for games, gambling, even fortune-telling for thousands of years. In ancient times, dice were originally made from the ankle bones of sheep or goats and were used to play the popular game of astragalizein (’knucklebones’).

According to Greek mythology the Homeric hero Palamides, was the inventor of the games with dice during the Trojan War.

It seems dice played an important part in Messinia’s earliest history. For when the Dorians migrated to the Peloponnese they divided it among their leaders.

And according to ancient tradition, Cresphontes, a great-great-grandson of Heracles, resorted to trickery at dice to acquire Messinia, described by Pausanias as the most fertile region of the peninsula.