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Honey Duet

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  • 2 flavors of Premium Greek Honey:
    Premium Oak Tree Honey
    Premium Wildflower Honey
  •  100% pure, unheated, unfiltered
  •  No preservatives
  Unit Carton Pallet
Items Shelf-Life Seasonality Gross WT (g) Pieces Gross WT (Kg) Cartons per pallet
Honey Duet 35 months Year Round 880 14 12.32


Our premium oak tree honey, known as one of the richest in vitamins, trace elements and minerals, is collected in the southwest Peloponnese (Mouzaki) from the flowers of oak trees. Naturally thick and golden, our premium wildflower honey is harvested from colonies of bees that forage freely to collect nectar from the abundant flowers that blossom in Taygetos, the mountain range in the Peloponnese peninsula. Our honeys, single-sourced from one local beekeeper, are both unheated and unfiltered to preserve their nutritional benefits and highlight their delicate tastes and aromas.


The ancient Greeks were well acquainted with honey’s value not only as a food but also as a source of longevity. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said: “honey serves food, health and energy”.
In Greek mythology, nectar was the food of the Gods and Zeus himself was brought up on honey. It was believed that Eros, primeval god of love, passion and fertility, dipped the tips of his arrows in honey to fill a lover’s heart with sweetness.