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These delicious biscuits are strongly associated with the centuries-old Christmas traditions of the historic land of Messinia in Greece. Resembling a light shortbread with best quality fresh butter and roasted almonds, the biscuits are baked till slightly golden and generously dusted with powdered sugar.

Prepared the good old-fashioned way to an authentic recipe handed down from mother to daughter, the kourambiedes are baked at a local workshop, using only the finest ingredients, without the addition of any artificial flavorings or preservatives. To ensure the proper light and airy texture, the biscuits are individually molded with the same caring and personal attention shown by the family in their own home.


Traditionally produced for the Christmas season, kourambiedes have become increasingly popular as a tasty treat at other special occasions such as christenings and weddings. They are usually served to guests with a coffee, always accompanied by a glass of water.

Kourambiedes were given in weddings and christenings once upon a time, because they look pure white, a symbol of new beginnings.
They melt in the mouth and are very soft and fragile, so handle them gently!