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Mountain Tea – 60g

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  • Handpicked plants grown in the wild, without pesticides
  • Valued as a traditional herbal remedy
  • Naturally sun dried fragrant flowers

Packed in a brown burlap bag tied with cord, decorated with <evil eye> charm

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Mountain tea 60g 48 months Year Round 96 30 3,38 -


Handpicked in the wild, the popularity of mountain tea is strong in Messinia not only on account of its pleasant taste, but also because of its perceived value as a traditional herbal remedy. As a recommendation for good health, grandmothers in the region still advise “At least one cup a day!”

Preparation:  Boil water in a small pot turn off heat. Add two to three stems of mountain tea, let stand for 5 minutes and strain.


Mountain warmth

The Greek physician Dioscorides refers to the use of mountain tea as a herbal remedy in his De Materia Medica. Written in five volumes around AD 77, this work served as the primary pharmacological text for16 centuries.

References to the beneficial effects of the beverage are also made by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus and Hippocrates, widely regarded as the ‘Father of Medicine’.