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Olive Tapenade



  • Sweet and with mild spicy notes
  • Hand-picked and finely chopped olives
  • In Navarino Icons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • All natural
  • No added preservatives or colorings
  Unit Carton Pallet
Items Shelf-Life Seasonality Gross WT (g) Pieces Gross WT (Kg) Cartons per pallet
 Olive Tapenade 190g 24 months Year round 318 6 2.00 160


Pungent and savory, our authentic gourmet olive bruschetta is produced according to a local recipe using finely chopped Kalamata olives, capers, red peppers, grapemust & herbs in extra virgin olive oil. Navarino Icons Olive bruschetta can be served on pita wedges or crispies.



Olive-based bruschetta are documented in cooking since antiquity. The earliest known bruschetta recipe was recorded in the 1st century AD.
Symbol of wisdom, peace and glory, the olive tree has been cultivated in Greece since antiquity. Indeed, the sacred tree of the goddess Athena was held in such great esteem that the prize for victory at the ancient Olympic Games was not gold or silver but a simple wreath made from olive twigs.