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Palace Puzzle


  • A moment in time in a Messinian palace
  • Fun, educational and easy to make with 28 large pieces
  • A unique gift with a touch of history

Inspired by Mycenaean wall paintings, this jigsaw puzzle features a scene that is characteristic of the frescoes that once adorned the great Bronze Age palaces at Pylos, Mycenae and Tiryns. Apart from their purely decorative character and thematic significance, these paintings reveal much about the people of the time and their vibrant culture.


Puzzles from the past

The scene depicted in this puzzle is a typical example of the importance of animals in the everyday life of the Mycenaeans. A man with a ceramic vessel is sitting on a rock next to a child holding an olive branch, from the sacred olive tree of Goddess Athena.  A large dog sits at their feet. Several doves fly overhead.

Could the man be Melampus, the legendary seer who lived at Pylos. Regarded by the ancients as the first mortal to have been endowed with powers of prophecy, Melampus also understood the language of animals. A number of myths describe how he acquired this gift. According to one, he found a mother snake crushed under a cart and two orphaned babies. Melampus buried the snake and raised her two offspring. One day, while he was sleeping, they licked his ears out of gratitude, giving him the ability to communicate with animals.