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Fresh goat’s cheese mousse with roasted eggplant and pickled red peppers

By renowned chef Alexander David

Serves: One terrine

Pickled Peppers:

Pepper Reduction:


Carefully blend the goat cheese with the Gervais and season the mix with salt, lemon zest and cayenne pepper. Stir until the mix is smooth. In the meantime soak the gelatin leaves in cold water for about 15 minutes before squeezing them. After squeezing them, slowly warm up a bit of the liquid cream and dissolve the gelatin in it. Stir in the cheese and carefully fold in the whipped cream. Gently place the mixture in a terrine mold (Tipp: put some plastic wrap in the mold before) and leave to rest overnight in the refrigerator.

For the pickled peppers first peel them and then cut the bell peppers into pieces. Heat two tablespoons of honey in a saucepan until they starts to foam. Deglaze with a decent dose of the vinegar, add the garlic as well as laurel and season with salt & pepper. When the vinegar is reduced a little bit, add the small cut peppers and let it simmer until soft. Strain or extract the juice of three red bell peppers (usually done with a juicer), add some sugar and some salt and heat the juice in a pot. Let the juice reduce itself until thick and then refine with some olive oil.

Turn the terrine out of the mold portion into about 3-5cm thick pieces. Place each piece on a plate and combine with the pickled peppers. Serve together with a spoon of the pepper reduction and a spoon of the crushed roasted eggplant. At the end cut some olive spoons in half and place them on the plate.