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Roasted Crushed Eggplant



  • Grown by local farmers and hand-harvested
  • Roasted, crushed and packed immediately after picking
  • All natural, fresh, tasty and nutritious
  • No preservatives
  Unit Carton Pallet
Items Shelf-Life Seasonality Gross WT (g) Pieces Gross WT (Kg) Cartons per pallet
Roasted Crushed Eggplant 500g 24 months Year round 777 12 9.60 91


This authentic eggplant purée is prepared from only the finest quality ingredients direct from the sun drenched fields of the Peloponnese. The eggplants are hand-picked when they have ripened to perfection and delivered for processing the same day to retain their freshness and nutritional value free of artificial preservatives, additives and colorings.

Delicious and versatile, the purée can be used to form the basis of the famous Greek eggplant salad with the simple addition of squeezed fresh lemons and extra virgin olive oil, as a tasty spread on bread or crackers and as a delectable dip for fresh vegetables.


The eggplant, aubergine, melongene, (Solana melongena), is a plant of the family Solanaceae (also known as the nightshades) and genus Solanum. It bears a fruit of the same name, commonly used in cooking. As a nightshade, it is closely related to the tomato and potato. Although cultivated in prehistoric times in India and China, eggplant is thought to have been brought to Europe by the Arabs and became increasingly popular in Mediterranean Europe from around the fifteenth century. In Greece it is beloved summer vegetable and has long been established in classic dishes such as in moussaka and in melitzanosalata.