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Vinegar with Rosemary & Thyme



  • Young sun-dried grapes
  • ¬†Natural fermentation without preservatives
  • ¬†Fragrantly enhanced with rosemary and thyme
  • ¬†Directly from grapes and not from wine
  Unit Carton Pallet
Items Shelf-Life Seasonality Gross WT (g) Pieces Gross WT (Kg) Cartons per pallet
Vinegar with Rosemary & Thyme 250ml Indefinite Year round 531 12 6.56 96

The Product

This vinegar is produced from a superior local variety of sun-dried grapes that has been cultivated in Messinia since Homeric times. Only the finest grapes are selected from each young crop and traditionally fermented without additives or preservatives, to produce authentic vinegar of excellent quality. Enriched over time with an aromatic infusion of rosemary and thyme that grow in abundance in Costa Navarino, it acquires an excellent natural fragrance and taste.


Vinegar, a staple of the Ancient Greek diet, mixed with honey and olive oil, appears to have been the first dressing used for certain dishes, particularly salads. Rosemary was believed to strengthen the mind and enhance memory, while thyme, famous for its aroma, was the symbol of bravery. The secret of the Ancients Greeks was to balance ingredients in order to bring out the individual flavors, the sweet and the sour, the bitter and…the unexpected.

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